Tom Nelson,

Executive and avid Golfer, Member of Winged Foot Golf Course, Mamaroneck, New York.

"Dr. Mullaly has really helped me with my golf game, both physically and mentally.  He was able to help me get more rotation and with my focus.  It's been tremendous.  He knows what he's doing."  

Maureen Chiquet

Former global CEO of Chanel, and Author.     |

"Charles .....".

Zainab Salbi

Best selling author, and founder of Women for Women International, and media host.

"Charlie is one of the brilliant acupuncturists I have encountered, who is kind in his approach and powerful in his impact.  The one and only acupuncturist in my life." 



Ivy D.

Entrepreneur, New York

"I first sought out Dr. Mullaly many years ago with a debilitating case of vertigo.