Patient Testimonials


Maureen Chiquet, former global CEO of Chanel [] and author of "Beyond the Label: Women, Leadership and Success on Our Own Terms", 2017.

"Charlie is more than a masterful acupuncturist, he is an energetic healer. What is truly unique is the way he combines classic techniques with his own magic to alleviate a host of issues., long and short term.  I've seen him for muscle injuries, , insomnia, stress, and illness. His attention, care and positive energy contribute to my sense of well being.  Each time, I feel infinitely better.  i would trust Charlie to treat nearly anything." 


Lara Headshot - Webinars.jpg

Lara Ann Reggio, Owner, The Lara Touch Wellness Studio, New York City []

"I knew Charles was a great acupuncturist when he used so few needles to treat me, and I felt better after the first session.  As an energy worker I am picky about who works on me, and I can tell you, he is a gifted acupuncturist who gets results.  I highly recommend his work."



Tom Nelson, Senior Executive and avid golfer, member at Winged Foot Golf Course, Mamoroneck, New York

"Charles' acupuncture treatments have helped my golf game tremendously, both physically and mentally.   I have more rotation through my swing,  and my focus got better on the course.  Can't say enough about how great his help has been."    



Christel S., Bedminster, New Jersey

"Charles is genuinely caring for your well-being. I went for heart issues and received acupuncture treatment according to Charles' intuition to where it was needed. It had a very peaceful effect and I felt it benefited me. The experience was calming.
The space is open and has a large glass door to the outside, so energy can flow. If you are looking for healing, I highly recommend this place. -- Grateful 'Salt' "


Zainab Salbi, best-selling author and founder of Women for Women International; media host []

"Charlie is one of the brilliant acupuncturists I have encountered, who is kind in his approach and powerful in his impact.  The one and only acupuncturist in my life."  



Ivy DL, Entrepreneur, New York    []

"Several years ago I first sought out Dr. Mullaly when I had a debilitating case of vertigo. He was able to help me recover from this, when other methods didn't help. So thankful!                                      Since then, I have sought him out for numerous other physical and systemic issues, including muscle tears from an accident, heart arrhythmia, and other concerns.  Dr. Mullaly's intuitive sensibility was able to hone in on just what I needed each time.  So grateful I found him."


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Michael Carpenter, Former CEO of Ally FInancial; avid golfer and member at Glen Arbor Golf Club, Bedford, NY and Le Gorce Country Club, Miami Beach, FL

"I came to see Charles for chronic shoulder pain.   I couldn't believe the turnaround effect when he realized that it was the minor muscles over firing and causing the major muscles to detract themselves from their main function.  Dr. Mullaly so quickly helped alleviate the pain, and improve mobility.  Now my golf game is at its finest!"